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Dry Cupping

Control your costs and bid your jobs more accurately for 

managing your fleet and repairs.


Like many other alternative medicine methods, cupping has a multi-thousand-year tradition and has been practiced in variety of different ways. At our clinic, we use dry cupping techniques utilizing vacuum-type cups with manual vacuum pump. There are NO fire, needles, or any other skin penetrating instruments used in this method. Think of it as the opposite of the pressure applied during massage. When you are receiving a massage, the pressure is directed at your muscles. With cupping, the pressure is applied by your internal tissue pressure from inside of the muscle – out. In essence the benefits of massage are applicable to cupping as well, - it’s a way to stretch scar tissue and other connective tissue methodically in a way that is otherwise inaccessible by non-invasive means. If you enjoy a deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy or traditional shiatsu massage - you will probably enjoy cupping. Indications for cupping might be: muscle soreness, deep tissue bruising, chronic trauma, persistent trigger points, edema, psychosomatic stress, and many other musculo-skeletal ailments. It takes approximately 15 minutes per application of 12 cups.