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Light Orthotics™

Control your costs and bid your jobs more accurately for 

managing your fleet and repairs.


ProTech Light Orthotics™

ProTech Light Orthotics™ can be manufactured in minutes, on the day of your appointment. They cost a fraction of the carbonfiber orthotics – the ones commonly outsourced to orthotics labs by your podiatrist, therefore inflating their cost. ProTech Light Orthotics™ can also be easily transferred from shoe to shoe and are particularly good for active individuals. These orthotics are great for runners and hikers who need additional lightweight support. Indications for ProTech Light Orthotics™ include but are not limited to: foot pain, “pronated” feet, “flat arches”, “high arches”, plantar fasciitis, heel bone spurs, and many others. Questions? Please emailor call us at the number below.

Stop your foot and back pain by getting your own pair of ProTech Light Orthotics™

Call 310-494-1422 

your whole appointment will take less than 20 minutes

Why get Light Orthotics™?

  • LOW PRICE- By using the latest technologies and being able to manufacture these Orthotics on-site, usually within 15 minutes, we are able to keep our cost down and therefore your price well below what others charge (often $500-600) for custom Orthotics. Regular price for a pair of Light Orthotics is $199. Get an additional 20% off when you mention code "LotusLO" and only pay $159 today!
  • ADVANCED MATERIALSProTech Light Orthotics have the most advanced composite design of any orthotics available. Unique UV light-cured resin with cross-linked fibers conform and mold to the foot. 
  • PRECISION FITRevolutionary technology enables the most precise fit possible, transforming a flexible material into a shaped orthotic device using a light-curing process -- truly unique to ProTech Light Orthotics.
  • LIGHTWEIGHTThin, advanced composite support shell helps reduce the overall weight. ProTech Light Orthotics are generally up to 50% lighter than traditional custom othotics - our athletes love this feature!
  • BREATHABILITY ProTech Light Orthotics include a textile-lined open-cellular PU top foam to improve breathability, unlike most custom orthotics using closed-cell foams.
  • TRANSFERABILITY - ProTech Light Orthotics can be transferred from shoe to shoe making them universally usable in your sports activities as well as formal wear.

Stop your foot pain by getting your own pair of ProTech Light Orthotics™

call 310-494-1422 NOW!



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