Light Orthotics™

Control your costs and bid your jobs more accurately for 

managing your fleet and repairs.


ProTech Light Orthotics™

ProTech Light Orthotics™ can be manufactured in minutes, on the day of your appointment. They cost a fraction of the carbonfiber orthotics – the ones commonly outsourced to orthotics labs by your podiatrist, therefore inflating their cost. ProTech Light Orthotics™ can also be easily transferred from shoe to shoe and are particularly good for active individuals. These orthotics are great for runners and hikers who need additional lightweight support. Indications for ProTech Light Orthotics™ include but are not limited to: foot pain, “pronated” feet, “flat arches”, “high arches”, plantar fasciitis, heel bone spurs, and many others. Questions? Please email or call us.