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The gift of "Boris"

If you know me, then there is no need to explain the title... You can give the gift of "Boris" at a deep discount to those you love or those you would like to introduce to my services. I always take great care of my clients and would like to spread the word through my existing clientele. For those who do not know me: I use a variety of manual techniques from various schools of thought in combination with conventional means to relieve physical pain and improve performance. My specialty is the spine. Sub-specialty - headache relief. You can pre-pay below for a 30 minute session which will include a brief examination and applicable treatment. 

1 PT Eval and treatment (60 min total)

New Year's Resolution gift - commit to health

Are you ready to be serious about your New Years wellness? Try any of our wellness service packages at a 50% discount: Reiki, Yoga, Personal training or a combination of any of the above - 10 sessions at $49 per session - a steal of a deal!

Wellness package of 10 sessions (yoga, Reiki, Personal training or a combo)