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YOGA is a system of coordination of and optimization of the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. The balance among the mental, physical and spiritual is achieved through a disciplined practice of mindful body movement, postures, meditations and breathing. At Lotus Physical Therapy we value this ancient and evolving practice as an adjunct to conventional physical therapy services. Indications for this practice may include but not be limited to: musculoskeletal dysfunction, anxiety/depression related disorders, balance deficit, nerve pain, respiratory disorders and many others. As a result of regular YOGA practice, one should expect to reduce pain, improve breathing, dynamic and static standing balance, improve overall strength and flexibility, coordination and endurance, reduce the deleterious effects of mental stress on one’s health. For many of us YOGA becomes a lifestyle. Before pursuing this on your own, we recommend a few sessions with our own YOGA expert to learn the correct form and movement. At this time we offer only private sessions, individually or as a package of 6, 12 or 24 sessions each.